Key Features of Ultimate Omega Fish Oil

Key Features of Ultimate Omega Fish Oil

You may not agree, but hear me out on this; in the race to make money, there are many manufacturers that compromise on the quality of the product resulting in many lower quality products being available along with high-quality products on the market. This is the reason, all of us still want to take the best and ultimate omega fish oil, and it is health that is at stake.

Selecting the best and ultimate omega fish oil from the lot available in the market will not be difficult if you know some basics to judge the quality. Let's explore them.

DHA content present in the oil

DHA is the most vital of all forms of omega3 fatty acids. It is the main component of the human brain, the plasma membrane of neurons, and the retina of the eye. Studies have shown that most of the benefits of omgea3 fats are due to DHA. Experts recommend a daily intake of 500 mg DHA for a healthy life.
This means that the higher the DHA content in the oil, the better it is. 1000mg of ultimate omega fish oil should contain a minimum of 250mg of DHA and 120mg of EPA. Many oils contain higher amounts of EPA; this is because EPA is easy to concentrate. However, for best results, look for oils with a 2:1 DHA to EPA ratio.

Oil purity

With the increase in pollution in the ocean waters, fish caught from it tend to accumulate toxins like mercury, lead, arsenic, PCBs, etc along with essential fats. This results in a proper refining mechanism to be followed when extracting the oil from such contaminated fish.

However, to increase their profit margins, many manufacturers follow the filtering process only for namesake, resulting in impure oil. Consumption of impure oil can lead to nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, etc.

Look for supplements that have undergone the molecular distillation process. This process filters all unwanted and harmful chemicals from the oil and ensures that the quality of the oil is pharmaceutical grade.

Check COA (Certificate of Analysis) published by the manufacturer, this will give you a clear idea of the percentage of toxins present in the oil.

Now that you are two important factors to measure the quality and effectiveness of fish oil, I am sure that picking up the ultimate omega fish oil will not be difficult for you anymore. So what are you waiting for? Test this information and choose a high DHA, fresh and pure supplement for you and your family.

What else would you look for in the ultimate omega fish oil? Freshness is an important consideration. You want to make sure the capsules are protected from light and heat. A good way to get the freshest product is to order it directly from the manufacturer.

It is also important to avoid contamination in your fish oil. Anchovies and farmed salmon in particular are high in PCBs. Albacore tuna, sardines, and herring tend to accumulate the most mercury. However, fish species from the South Pacific, such as Hoki, tend to be particularly low in contaminants.

Finally, the most effective product should be "natural" rather than an artificial ester. Natural sources can be converted to esters by boiling them in alcohol. This turns the oil into a form that will not be attacked by bacteria while the product is stored for sale, but these processed esters are also difficult to digest. Up to 45% of the beneficial DHA and EPA in fish oil is locked up when the oil is converted to an ester.

Make no mistake about it. Finding the ultimate omega fish oil supplement isn't difficult once you have the right information. visit here for recommendation for your best quality supplements.

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